The company LauSam was established in 2013 in Košice. The company started to provide accounting and payroll advisory services to Slovak companies. Afterwards our company portfolio has been widened by the provision of tax and legal services. Our company offers complex legal, bookkeeping and tax advisory services through employees or our partners in legal and tax area.

The main goal is to help clients with understanding the complicated legislation in Slovak Republic, so the clients can focus mainly on carrying out their business activities.

We provide our advisory services in Slovak and English language.

Our tax advisory services include:

• Registrations – LauSam ensures whole registration process for VAT purposes (especially distance sales), Corporate income taxes, payroll taxes and personal income taxes
• VAT compliance – includes calculation of VAT liability, submission monthly/quarterly VAT returns, advisory regarding VAT and other obligations resulting from VAT registration in Slovak Republic
• CIT compliance – in case you have established a business in Slovak Republic, we can offer you corporate income tax advisory services (includes tax administration, calculation of tax base, considering items increasing / decreasing tax base according to legislation, ensuring the communication with Tax Authority)
• VAT, CIT, PIT returns submission
• tax review

Two types of services:

  • Processing whole VAT refunds completely for local companies
    • usual VAT recoverable expenses:
      • supplier invoices (if conditions are met)
      • public transport expenses
      • Taxi, car, rental and fuel
      • meals and events
      • hotels
      • parking services.
    • Our service consists of expenses analyzed, taken into account domestic legislation, preparing whole VAT reclaim documentation, submission of VAT reclaim and communication with Tax Authority until the refund is received
    • VAT refund process:
      • Contract signature and authorization of electronic access at Tax Authority
      • Delivery and controlling of documents
      • Preparation of VAT refund
      • Refundation of VAT
    • Ensuring the communication with Tax Authority for foreign companies (translation of letters, viewpoints and explanations in case of additional questions)

We offer legal services regarding the formation of new Limited liability companies as well as minor changes execution in companies (e.g. company name, registered seat, transfer of shares, partners, etc.)

If you are interested in set up a business in Slovak Republic, we can provide you with accounting services completely.

Our services are charged at level 50 euro per hour.
All actions and fees are mutually agreed and confirmed before the start of providing services for customer´s satisfaction.

LauSam s.r.o.,
Cimborkova 13,
040 01 Košice

E-mail: info@lausam.sk
Tel. č.: +421 917 047 211

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